Enjoy a Rejuvenating Hydra Skin Refining Treatment in New Bedford, MA

This treatment offers a facial cleanse and exfoliation like no other

At-home peels and pore cleansers might not renew your skin as much as you'd hoped. When you want to experience a total skin rejuvenation, try one of our advanced skincare treatments. The Indigo Spa Company in New Bedford, MA uses specialty equipment and products to achieve clients' goals.


Our custom treatments can help you...

Deep clean and hydrate - the Hydra skin refining treatment ($140) will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, while the deluxe version ($175) takes exfoliation to the next level with the use of an enzyme lactic acid treatent 
Refine and relax - the complete HydraFacial ($235) will likely be the most luxurious spa treatment you've ever experienced.
Exfoliate and rejuvenate - the microdermabrasion spa facial ($125) combines an exfoliation treatment with a hydration masque, while the comprehensive treatment ($185) pairs microdermabrasion exfoliation with a relaxing facial.

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Hyrdra Skin Refining Treatment

An amazing way to exfoliate, deep clean pores and hydrate the skin!

Deluxe Hydra Skin Refining Facial

This takes the original treatment to the next level by including an enzyme/AHA and a masque.

Refine & Relax

The most complete and luxurious spa facial, designed for a wonderful combination of results and relaxation. It combines the Hydra Skin Refining Treatment with a facial.

Arctic Berry or Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Treatment

30 Minute $90

Wet or Dry Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion Spa Facial

This combines the benefits of Microdermabrasion exfoliation, enzyme/AHA and a treatment masque.

Exfoliate & Rejuvenate

A comprehensive treatment which pairs Microdermabrasion with a relaxing facial.

Luxurious spa experiences for every budget

In addition to our complete skin rejuvenation treatments, we offer wet or dry microdermabrasion and arctic berry and pumpkin enzyme peel treatments for just $90. You could look and feel years younger within 30 minutes.

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