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A chaotic work week. Stop-and-go traffic on I-195. A weekend with the in-laws. Life is full of stressors, but you can take a break with a visit to The Indigo Spa Company in New Bedford, MA. Our serene day spa offers calming treatments from massages to facials.

Not sure what would help you de-stress? Our knowledgeable staff can recommend spa treatments that you'd be comfortable with. Call 774-206-1082 now to speak with a member of our team.

Relaxation. Relief. Rejuvenation.

Whether you want to unwind after a long week or get a refreshing boost, you've come to the right day spa. We're passionate about providing the highest quality spa treatments available in New Bedford, MA.
Come by yourself or bring a friend to...
Get an Advanced Skincare Treatment 
Enjoy a HydraFacial or an enzyme peel

Soak up the imitation sunshine in our infrared sauna
Celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a major life event

We use Eminence Organic skincare products in our skincare treatments.

The Indigo Spa Company story

The color indigo represents intuition and perception and is used to promote concentration during times of introspection and meditation. Indigo is also seen as a powerful, dignified color that conveys integrity and sincerity. Both interpretations represent our values as a company.

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Best facials I have ever had. Have been several times

★★★★★ | Linda Haskins

Wonderful massage. I feel like I have a new back!

They also have an infrared sauna, which is a unique experience, and used for relaxation and detoxification.

★★★★★ | Don

Went for the sauna, staff was accommodating and very nice

★★★★★ | Austin T