Say Goodbye to Razor Burn, Ingrown Hair and Stubble

Book custom hair removal services in New Bedford, MA

There's an easier way to remove unwanted hair than plucking or shaving it off. The Indigo Spa Company in New Bedford, MA offers custom waxing services to help you look your best.

We've made hair removal services so affordable that you can toss out your razors and tweezers. Visit the Special / Social Media Updates page now to take advantage of limited-time savings.

Where are you dealing with unwanted hair?

From a single feature to your entire body, we offer the hair removal services needed to address problem areas. You can count on us to quickly remove unwanted hair...

On your face - Eyebrow shaping ($18) | Lip and eyebrow waxing ($22) | Lip and chin waxing ($15) | Chin waxing ($10) | Full face waxing ($29) | Full face and neck waxing ($35)
Down there - Bikini waxing ($35) | Ultimate bikini waxing ($55) | Brazilian ($70)
All over - Half arm waxing (starts at $40) | Full arm waxing (starts at $55) | Underarm waxing ($25) | Half leg waxing (starts at $55) | Full leg waxing (starts at $90) | Full back (starts at $70) | Chest ($70)

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Eyebrow Shaping $18

Lip & Brow $22

Lip & Chin $15

Chin Only $10

Full Face $29

Full Face & Neck $35

Half Arms $40+up

Full Arms $55+up

Under Arm $25

Half Legs $55+up

Full Legs $90+up

Bikini $35

Ultimate Bikini $55

Brazilian $70

Full Back $70+up

Chest $70